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This blog is the result of several factors cosmically colliding.  First, I find myself in the same position as you, if this blog attracted your attention;  That  is, I’ve left an organization where  I invested a huge amount of  time, energy and  emotional commitment, and am now in the position of finding a place that where I can co-create;  where i can work alongside people as intelligent, driven, creative, and fun as my last peer group.  Where I can discover my bliss, which for me is being a member of a team that  architects a new vision of the future.     So as the blog title suggests – I’m in the process of searching for meaningful work.

The second thing driving this little blog experiment  is the fact that I’m pursuing a second Masters degree and this experiment is a part of my master’s project.  When inside an organization, it’s pretty easy to see how hierarchy effects decision-making, how culture evolves, how relationships are built inside that culture and how the people we work with exhibit leadership, compassion, creativity, and imagination.  Easy because the “petri dish” is right in front of you and the stories are playing out before your eyes.  I’d like to see how we all might use this blog environment to create a virtual organization where we can support one another.   I am going to attempt to blog daily and I’d love it if you’d reply with stories, examples, hints on how you are staying positive, motivated, and future focused. If you want to share some job hunting strategies, or reflections on leadership and how you and your family are making sense of the “new chapter” of your life that you are now creating – please share what you are going through. Thanks.


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